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32 EU States Have Terminated GSP Treatment to China
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     According to a recent notice of the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC), it will stop GSP certificate of origin for goods (Form A) to the EU, the UK, Canada, Turkey, Ukraine, and Liechtenstein starting from Dec. 1st this year, which indirectly verifies the fact that 32 countries including the EU have terminated GSP treatment to China. Currently, only Norway, New Zealand, and Australia still offer the treatment to China (Note: The Generalized System of Preferences, or GSP, is a preferential tariff system which provides tariff reduction on various products. GSP provides tariff reduction for least developed countries). GACC applauded with this move and said this means other advanced economies have recognized China as a non-low-income and non-lower-middle-income country, and also means that Chinese products are competitive on the market and do not require extra protection.
     With the fast development of Chinese economy and better living quality of its people, China, according to the criteria of the World Bank, no longer belongs to a low-income or lower-middle-income economy. As a result, the EU and many other countries have sequentially announced the cancellation of GSP treatment to China. After the treatment is cancelled, goods exported from China will not be issued with a GSP certificate of origin anymore.
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