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Huang Liang Precision Enterprise Co., Ltd.- One-stop Manufacturer Featuring Critical Component “SHAFT” for Motorbike Carburetors
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by Nai Wen Chang, Fastener World
Huang Liang, founded in 1986, produces precision machined parts applied in various fields. The development of the company centers around “quality”, and various methods have been applied to monitor and increase product quality. Furthermore, the company has been an active applicant of international certificates seeking a better corporate image and operations. It has an eye for watching the market change and is constantly changing and evolving.
Do It Timely and Boost Business
“Roughly 30 years ago, our president Mr. Xue happened to take over several camshaft machine tools which later set out the path towards CNC machining for our company. We were fortunate enough to be in the 80’s when Taiwan’s economy took off and there was a swarming demand for motorbike components. That was when we tapped into the supply chain of motorbike components. Through the course of time we have grown into an innovation-driven company with professional manufacturing capability,” said general manager Chang as he recalled.
After the company got in the supply chain for quite some time, its revenues from motorbike components reached 70% of the total. The president sensed the risk in over-depending on a single market which would lead to undermining future development, so he started to look for other fields to tap into and it didn’t take him long to finally implement CNC machine tools. Back then the CNC machine tools cost a pretty penny but produced higher quality products, and it was by adding these machine tools to the manufacturing process that eventually got the company into the electronics supply chain. Later the company made its way into the connector, medical equipment, valve and other industries. This had brought revenue growth and motivated the company for a more diverse development and a complete corporate system.
Top Seller— “SHAFT” components;
IoT Implementation for Quality Control
Huang Liang provides many types of CNC machined components, and “SHAFT” is one of the hot sellers used as a critical component for motorbike carburetors. SHAT utilizes the benefits of CNC machine tools that complete multiple machining processes in one stop for mass production in higher precision and lower cost, while allowing room for providing clients with post-engineering services. One-stop manufacturing service has significantly increased client attachment to Huang Liang. As the general manager put it, “Our goal is to make our manufacture a complete package of service!”
On top of that, Huang Liang is relentlessly trying new ways to control quality. The company has a few different control systems to prevent quality anomaly, in addition to average production checks. In recent years the company has been implementing IoT connecting all CNC machine tools to the cloud to quickly monitor production status of the machines and provide immediate feedback. This advanced system significantly lifts production efficiency and reduces product defects.
Acquiring Multiple Certificates and Deploying Market Segments
Huang Liang is proud of the many certificates it has acquired, which as the general manager put it, surely helped the company to grow business. “IATF 16949 certificate helps us win orders from overseas carmakers. It is very difficult to acquire and therefore lifts the par for applicants. Apart from that, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 are respectively for environment and industrial safety/health certification that not only concern the environment and employees health, but are also highlighted by major overseas companies. Therefore ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 put us in a better position to win orders.” Speaking of the next international certificate in the pocket list of Huang Liang, Chang said: “Our next target is ISO 17025 because we believe this can further increase clients’ trust on us.”
In Huang Liang’s market deployment, the overseas market takes up 60% of the whole business and is topped by North America taking up 30%, followed by Europe at 18% and Asia at 12%. Extending from his current business map, the general manager has come up with a blueprint for overseas development. “I hope to expand our business to South America because the region has higher population and improved economy in 2018, and that means many business opportunities are lying ahead for us. South America has a shortage of heavy industry though, but light industry products and assembled products will benefit from the demographic dividend and that is a perfect entry point for CNC machined components.”
Future Plans and Target of Development
 “We will be appearing again at Taiwan Motorcycle Show 2019. This year we will put some of our focus on cross-border ecommerce to speed up our overseas business, ” said the general manager. Huang Liang will prioritize the purchase of new equipment and improvement of machine operating efficiency this year. As for business plans, it will continue to tap to other industries to increase revenues. It is also planning to increase wages, improve business performance and employee capabilities. As the general manager concluded, “The future of global economy is still unclear but we must go on with faith even if we have to fumble our way through. God speed for everyone!”
Huang Liang’s: Miss Liu
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