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APACH, BUILDING FUTURES- Total Hand Tool Solutions to the Rescue
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by Nai-Wen Chang, Fastener World
Heading to its third decade, Apach Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the Taiwanese influential pneumatic tools manufacturers. Established in 1993 in Taichung, Apach Industrial is surrounded with superior technology in metals and CNC machining in conjunction with a strong Taiwanese supply base. Since the late 90’s, the pneumatic nailer/ stapler with our own “APACH” brand has been known and trusted in the North American market. In a legend, “Apache” was a brave and invincible warrior in an Indian tribe in North America who was worshipped by the Indians as the symbol of bravery and victory. The image of this warrior reflects the spirit of Apach Industrial to develop new products for the industry and break the limits.
Experienced OEM & ODM Service Provider Well-known Worldwide
Apach Industrial specializes in developing and producing various nailers, staplers and pneumatic tools. It always does endurance tests on every critical component and strict preliminary tests on final products. Apach’s product are highly acclaimed by global professionals because they are durable enough to work under harsh environments.
The current product line of the company includes coil nailer, frame nailers, finish nailers, staplers, carton closing staplers and various specialty nailers for use with construction, furniture, interior decorating, carton closing and so on.
Apach Industrial’s ultimate goal is to make its brand international to cope with a diversified society and cater to clients’ needs. The company provides more diverse services and taps into more fields to meet market demand. In 2016, it acquired a pneumatic tool company with 30 years of experience in manufacturing. In 2017, it began to develop a series of pneumatic wrenches, grinders and other pneumatic tools in addition to its nailer and stapler series to fulfill the need for one-stop purchase and provide more options for clients.
Apach Industrial’s global proportion distribution of business shows that 40% of the business is located in North America, 30% in Europe, 20% in Southeast Asia, and 10% in other countries. The company values client service, listens to clients voices and fulfills their needs. With a powerful R&D team and a wealth of collaborating experience with international brands, the company can customize or develop special-purpose tools tailored to OEM and ODM requests. Apach Industrial also collects client feedback and seeks to manufacture products that better fit the needs of users.
The Go-To Durable Tools for the Big Names in the Fastener Industry
Apach Industrial strictly follows quality requirements in every manufacturing process including R&D, purchase, inspection, production and testing. It uses precise manufacturing equipment and inspection instruments to replace human-operated production line and tests. The products go through 3 layers of quality check, which means adding 2 full-range tests to the post-assembly test and pre-shipment inspection. Apach Industrial checks and takes care of everything before the products go to final shipment.
“Often our clients write in emails inquiring a purchase of discontinued products, ” said the company, “That means our durable products last for over 15 years and they only need simple maintenance and replacement with eco-friendly components.” Apach Industrial guarantees the clients with unstopping commitment to quality. It carefully looks through and verifies every detail to bring out the best products to customers. It doesn’t ask for high profits, but only every client’s loyalty and trust. With the support of clients, Apach Industrial continues to progress and growth with them.
CN70-CL is a patented tool provided by Apach Industrial and a designated maintenance tool for global wooden pallet companies. The variety of application and service life makes this tool  irreplaceable by many knockoffs distributed in the market.
Another product by Apach Industrial is AW050H 1/2”Super Stubby Air Impact Wrench with the following features:
  • The user can replace with 1/2” or 3/8” drive shafts or just attach with a traditional sockets. (No need to purchase special sockets with this method.)
  • The user can attach with special sockets for convenient use in minimal operating distance.
  • The user can attach with bits or torx drives for greater range of application and the benefits of minimal operating distance.
  • The wrench is all for shorter distance with sufficient torque power. Operating torque: 550 ft/lbs (746 N.m.)
  • Support for single-handed operation, forward/reverse rotation and 3-stage speed settings.
    Mission statement: To build a better future, take on new challenges, improve quality, get to know clients’ background and their needs, and get better results with clients.
    Apach Industrial contact: Sales manager: Ms. Momo Chen
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