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Fast Banding Cable Ties
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Band Width : 12.7mm(1/2"), 15.9mm(5/8"), 19mm(3/4") X Band Thickness : 0.4, 0.7mm
Band Width : 10 mm(3/8") X Band Thickness : 0.4mm
Band Width : 9.5mm(3/8") X Band Thickness : 0.6mm
Material : 304 Stainless Steel
Avaiable in straight sizes . Welcome your specification.

otherwise production of other types of stainless steel pipe clamps, tubes, American pipe clamps bundle, stainless steel cable ties , END CLAMP, strong tube folder, hand pressure pipe clamps, one ear tube clip tubes, high pressure tubes , European pipe clamps, with pipe clamps, hanging clamps, stainless steel cable tie, stainless steel cable ties ( Stainless Steel belted), black polyester paint , the paint Nilong belted, stainless steel paint belted.
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