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Stainless Steel Hose Clamp
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HC1-Stainless Steel Hose Clamp, Worm Gear Hose ClampBand width :  12.7mm(1/2) or 14.2mm(9/16)Cheng Heng's stainless steel hose clamp suitable for home, automotive, industrial applications.Inter-Locking construction: housing directly to band, by the full strength of material to provide maximum anti-shear protection. There are no spot welds to repture under stress or corrosion.ALL 300 Series hose clamp : ... AISI 300 Stainless Steel Band & Housing with 300 Stainless Steel ScrewAZ Series hose clamp : ..... AISI 300 Stainless Steel Band & Housing with Plated Carbon Steel Screwt noCLAMPING RANGEMin-Max(inch)CLAMPING RANGEMin-Max(mm)HC1-81/2-7/813-23HC1-109/16~1.1/1614-27HC1-1211/16~1.1/418-32HC1-1613/16~1.1/221-38HC1-2013/16~1.3/421-44HC1-241.1/16~227-51HC1-281.5/16~2.1/433-57HC1-321.9/16~2.1/240-63HC1-361.13/16~2.3/446-70HC1-402.1/16~352-76      part noCLAMPING RANGEMin-Max(inch)CLAMPING RANGEMin-Max(mm)HC1-442.5/16~3.1/459-82HC1-482.9/16~3.1/265-89HC1-522.13/16~3.3/471-95HC1-563.1/16~478-101HC1-603.5/16-4.1/484-108HC1-643.9/16~4.1/290-114HC1-724.1/8~5103-127HC1-804.5/8~5.1/2116-140HC1-885.1/8~6129-152HC1-965.5/8~6.1/2141-165HC1-1046.1/8~7154-178    hose clamps, cable ties, metal ties, worm drive hose clamps, ear clamps, Heavy duty clamps, C.V.boot hose clamps, T-Bolt clamps, 304SS hose clips, stainless steel hose clips. stainless steel cable ties; SS cable ties with Nylon coated, pipe clip, stainless steel strapping, banding with buckle, Spring Band, Constant Tension Hose clamps, quick release hose clamps, stainless steel band,band clamps, muffler clamps, Multi-lock cable tie, Ladder SS cable ties, reusable SS cable ties.   
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