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Industry Activities 

High-Strength Drilling Screw Leading Brand- BOITO
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     With the advantages of the leading fastener technology from Taiwan and a strong foothold in China’s market for 16 years, Guangdong Boito Building Technology Co., Ltd. (“Boito”) becomes a leading brand of drilling screws in China. The company founder and General Manager Ken Yan, who once worked in a drilling screw factory in Taiwan for 9 years, continued to introduce advanced manufacturing technique/facilities/QC systems and spearheaded the company to specialize in the production and R&D of high-strength carbon steel fasteners and non-standard parts. Waterproof drilling screws, stainless steel bi-metal self-drilling screws, and coating self-drilling screws are the major products which win high opinions in the market recently.
Special Use in Construction and Engineering Structures
Annual Productive Capacity Reaching 8,000 Tons
     Boito’s self-drilling screws, drilling screws, precision screws, bolts, nuts, and related fasteners and stamped parts are mainly made of stainless steel, carbon steel, along with bi-metal materials (SUS304/316+SCM435) mostly applied to engineering curtain walls, livestock industry, light/heavy steel structures, solar photovoltaics power generation system, telecommunication, ships, and electricity plants. With the installations of more than 120 sets of cold-forging, threading, drilling, washing, and packaging machinery, Boito is capable of producing standard/non-standard parts within the diameter of ST2.9-M10 and the length below 300mm. Moreover, it can also generate heat treatment and corrosion-resistant coatings in its own plant. Its current annual capacity has reached the scale of 8,000 tons which has been successfully sold to the U.S., Germany, Italy, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Netherlands, U.A.E., Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Denmark, Bulgaria, India, etc.
3 Products Beyond Expectation
     Waterproof Drilling Screw: With a beam-tail drilling point and reverse self-tapping threads to increase the pull-out force and get the waterproof result. Wavy or stainless steel rubber attached washers can prevent rainwater from flowing into cracks which may cause rust and corrosion, for getting the rain & mold proof, well-sealed, and typhoon resisting result. 
     Stainless Steel Bi-metal Self-drilling Screw: The fastening part and the head are made of 304/316 Austenite Steel, while the tapping and drilling parts are made of SCM435 alloy steel or high carbon steel. The surface of the screw is specially treated to achieve excellent and long-lasting rustproof and corrosion resistant results. After tapping into a steel plate, the stainless steel part can be successfully led into the metallic object without a deadlock caused by worn-out threads. It demonstrates the highest pull-out strength, is applicable to various wall material installations, and can achieve the least load and the fastest tapping speed in steel structure engineering. While used in very high places or limited space where users may feel difficulty in installation, it is more significant.
     Coating Self-Drilling Screws: Treated with the environmentally-friendly, long-wearing, and solidified high quality rustproof coating (Base layer: galvanized, middle layer: highly corrosion resistant chemical film, top layer: solidified protective sealing; baking temperature: 220-250℃). It won’t be blackened after friction, features high tenacity, and is less susceptible to fracture. It has passed 1,500+ hrs of salt spray test and conforms to the Australian AS3566 standard.
National-level Certified High-Tech and Innovative Company
Offering CustomersÕ Full Guarantee
     Boito values innovation. It currently owns the patents for waterproof screws, staples, class coated screws, and screws for light/heavy steel constructions and photovoltaics applications. It has also certified the ISO9001:2015 quality management system and has a professional laboratory to conduct strict quality control from the very beginning to the final delivery. In addition, in response to the global growing concern about environmental protection, it continues to develop screws with green coatings in order to enhance its market competitiveness and seek for corporate sustainability from all aspects. 
     Boito promised, “Our products feature short lead times, advanced technology, high quality, competitive prices, and good after-sales service. With facilities in all-aspect production & inspection, the team in rich experience in R&D and manufacturing technology, systems in strict quality control, and operation in years, we can offer customers the whole guarantee.”
Boito contact: Victoria Hu (Manager)    
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