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Industry Activities 

Hisener- Chinese Benchmark Fastener Enterprise Pioneers Green Manufacturing!
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     In as short as 20 years since 2004, Hisener has quickly evolved into a Chinese benchmark enterprise integrating manufacture and trade. It is also one of the largest fastener suppliers in the world. It has achieved a number of milestones year after year, including the following 6 major achievements:
 - Intelligent and digitalized manufacturing
      (connecting ERP and WMS)
  -Optimized production lines and warehousing 
  -300% increase in production capacity
  -Expanded laboratory scale
  -New product launch: bi-metal screws
  -Certified to ETA
     Year of the Dragon 2024 heralds the rising dragon. Hisener proclaims a high ambition to achieve “green manufacturing”, through which it will make a presence and shine like a soaring dragon in the global market keen to carbon reduction.
Hisener Green Manufacturing Kicks off in 2024
     The June 2023 edition of China Fastener World Magazine has already revealed the sign of that ambition. General Manager Simon Liang chose a “polar bear with its arms around an ESG-compliant fastener” for the cover as Hisener’s promotional image and brand-new corporate guideline. “Green and smart manufacturing as well as corporate sustainability stand as an important issue that attracts the world’s attention. The intention is to protect the environment while achieving corporate growth. Global warning endangers the survival of polar bears. Hisener is striving to use its own power to build ESG-compliant fasteners, so that even small screws can play a key role in rescuing polar bears. I chose this image to proclaim our determination to green and smart manufacturing! This year, we are officially putting green manufacturing into practice,” said Simon in a Fastener World interview.
Three ESG Guidelines of Hisener
     Simon announced three ESG Guidelines of Hisener in this cover story.
     On environment(E), the company’s impact mainly derives from energy consumption, waste emissions and resource utilization. To reduce negative impact on the environment, measures are taken to improve the efficiency of energy use, reduce waste emissions, and promote the use of renewable energy.
     On the social(S) front, employees are provided with a safe and healthy work environment to secure their rights and benefits, fostering diversity and inclusiveness. Meanwhile, Hisener puts a focus on social responsibility for the supply chain to ensure suppliers’ compliance to securing labor rights and human rights.
     On governance(G), a transparent and regulated corporate governing structure is gradually being established through continuous improvement. Hisener strengthens internal governance and risk management and complies with the law to ensure that corporate ethics and ethical codes of conduct are formulated and enforced.
Four Carbon Reducing Measures
     The EU will set out to impose carbon border tax in 2026. Hisener has drawn up the following tangible measures in response to future carbon reduction requirements:
     (1) Increasing the use of clean energy. At present, solar power can already meet 30% of Hisener’s electricity consumption, and more renewable energy will be purchased in the future.
     (2) Investing more in optimizing product design and craftsmanship to increase energy efficiency.
     (3) Reducing energy and material consumption by implementing recycling production methods. Recovering energy from waste, such as filtering waste water and oil and reusing it.
      (4) Focusing on green procurement to build a green supply chain. Encouraging suppliers to optimize logistics, reduce packaging and use more environmentally friendly packaging materials.
Hisener’s Vision for Carbon Reduction
     Simon thinks that reducing carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality is a must for every enterprise. The imposition of carbon tax will accelerate the pace of carbon reduction. “For Hisener, we will establish our own carbon emission verification system as soon as possible, use digital means to complete sustainable carbon verification, and establish a whole process to monitor raw materials and all the way to products through carbon footprints. Meanwhile, we will continue to identify and develop suitable emission reduction technologies to reduce emissions and achieve carbon neutrality,” said Simon.
Provide EU Clients with Carbon Emission Data
     Simon added that Hisener has followed CBAM requirements to carry out carbon emission calculation for 2023. The data has been provided to EU clients. The company will calculate quarterly emission according to the requirements and report them in time. EU importers and clients can have peace of mind purchasing products from Hisener.
Hisener is Up for Harvesting Global “Green” Opportunities
     Many global major economic indicators suggest that technology and low carbon will be the twin driving forces behind corporate profits and industry growth this year. In recent years, Simon has travelled around the world to promote his new smart factory which launched production more than a year ago. The upgrade to green manufacturing will bolster the new factory to achieve good results in the green manufacturing market.
Contact: Simon Liang, General Manager
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