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Industry Activities 

Craftsmanship for Non-standard Fasteners- Shangjia Hardware Stands Firm on the Global Market
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     Haiyan Shangjia Hardware Co., Ltd. officially started its business more than 10 years ago. Originally established as a packaging service provider, Shangjia began to introduce cold forging equipment for gradual transformation as its business operation became more mature and it was optimistic about the prospects of the market development, and formally stepped into the field of professional fastener manufacturing. Unlike other domestic industries specializing in the production of general standard parts, Shangjia focuses on the processing of non-standard bolts/screws and special parts which are more difficult to process and have more stringent quality requirements. With the support of its processing knowledge and technical expertise accumulated over the years as well as the concerted efforts of its team members and their continuous search for breakthroughs, Shangjia has gradually grown and prospered to its present scale of operation.
Complete OEM+Customized Production Lines to Serve Global Customers
     In order to build a professional and highly efficient production line, the 3,600 sq. m factory is equipped with 10 sets of cold forging machines, 8 sets of threading machines, 15 sets of CNC lathes, 6 sets of Swiss-type CNC lathes, 6 sets of tapping machines, 4 sets of optical sorting machines and other professional processing and quality control equipment, and through dozens of professional technicians' control and adjustment operations, the overall capacity of its production lines is maximized. Currently, its monthly production capacity is about 180 tons, enabling it to meet the demands of both domestic and overseas customers.
     Shangjia's non-standard products are comprehensively used in various applications, with approximately 45% supplied to the automotive industry, 30% supplied to customers in the electric appliance field, and about 25% supplied to the furniture manufacturing industry. In terms of domestic and international sales, about 70% of its products are exported to markets outside of China, with Europe being the largest export destination. In addition to OEM production, it can also provide customized services to customers upon request.
“5S” Management to Ensure Strict Quality Control
     The well-planned processing of products has been certified to ISO 9001:2015, which guarantees that every product customers receive from Shangjia meets the strict international quality standards. “Providing customers with high quality products is our persistence. We have already passed the ISO9001:2015 certification, and we are planning to apply for the IATF 16949 certification in the future," according to Shangjia.
     Shangjia's "5S" management is deeply implemented in the production workshop, parts warehouse, raw material area, finished product area and packaging area. It has fulfilled supplier audit, incoming material inspection, raw material control, product sampling and inspection, and introduced professional Rockwell hardness tester, projectors, tensile strength testers, calipers, salt spray machines, etc., to provide more stringent quality control for customers' valued products.
     In response to the demand for non-standard products in the mid-to-high-end market in 2024, Shangjia will continue to deepen its cooperation with customers in advanced markets such as Europe and Japan. On the other hand, Shangjia will also participate in Fastener Fair USA in May, Manufacturing World Tokyo in June, Manufacturing World Osaka in October, and Fastener Fair Italy in October, in the hope of exploring more business opportunities in other markets that have a demand for related products and are suitable for them.
Shangjia contact: Mr. Zhu  
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