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Customizable + One-stop + Professional Inspection; Fu Kai Locks on Total Fastening Solutions
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     Located in Daliao District of Kaohsiung City, Fu Kai Fastener Enterprise has been providing various high quality fasteners for 42 years. The owner Bruce Chen has a characteristic that successful entrepreneurs have in common—taking on tougher challenges. In a time of drastic changes, he doesn’t back off and intends to further improve quality and increase export proportion. He focuses on creating a market approach that is different from those taken by conventional fastener factories. He doesn’t just sell products but also provides solutions.
Quality Control Room Equipped with Highly Credible Testing Equipment
     Fu Kai's quality control room gathers testing equipment from overseas, including 2.5D testing machines, optical sorting machines, hardness testers, and so on, that are trusted by clients. Bruce believes that overseas clients attach great importance to suppliers with high-quality testing equipment. Therefore, testing equipment is an indispensable investment to enter the overseas market. Fu Kai can provide various test certificates for customers.
Scaling Up Office and Quality Control Personnel
     In addition to purchasing additional testing equipment, he has expanded his office, and hired additional testing specialists, packaging quality controllers, manufacturing veterans, and conducted personnel training. Meanwhile, his product line is also expanding. He knows it's not easy to learn the ropes of the fastener industry, so he gets along and works with employees like a team, not holding back from passing on his fastener know-how.
One-stop Production Process from Forming to Packaging
     Fu Kai's uses their own equipment for manufacturing, so they are not limited to specific types of products and can offer diversified fasteners, including micro screws, automotive screws, sheet metal screws, self-clinching fasteners, drywall screws, tapping screws and sems screws. They can also adjust packing methods and package sizes to meet customers' needs, providing highly customized services. Bruce pointed out that the main reason for covering the whole process is quality control. More importantly, he can find out the cause when a problem occurs, saving clients the hassle of waiting for him to communicate with outsourced contractors.
Flexible and Customized Product Design
     "Solving any problems" is the greatest feature of Fu Kai. For customized products, they do not shy away from challenges and discuss face-to-face with clients, assisting the clients in revising their drawings to jointly develop the final product. Bruce said it is no easy task but is much needed by clients. They once designed a knob screw with special dimensions and a buffer function for a client. They changed the design to match plastic injection, and managed to apply the screw to sports equipment.
     Fu Kai’s has overseas clients from all over the world. Bruce flies to countries where clients are, hoping to learn their needs and provide solutions through talks. It is clear how much he values his clients.
Contact: Bruce Chen    
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