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Industry Activities 

SPRING LAKE ENTERPRISE- Truly Understanding the Needs of European Customers
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Manufacturing and Trading Specialties
Providing a Full Range of Services to Europe
     Spring Lake started as a professional trader in Pingtung, the southernmost part of Taiwan, more than 40 years ago. Over the years, they have accumulated much experience in international trade and have attracted many loyal customers for long term collaboration, from which they have possessed the know-how of fastener production and successfully transformed into a professional fastener manufacturer specialized in export. Their background has given them the ability to cope with various special requirements of European and American customers. They listen and can catch the needs of customers, provide solutions merged with the perspective of the whole industry chain, and work with customers to develop satisfactory customized products. Comprehensive professional advice, as well as the mindset to put quality and service first, are the features that have helped them build a reputation.
Seeking C Parts Buyers in Exhibitions
     The company mainly produces customized fasteners, screws in sizes above M2, SEM screws, knurled pins, thread rolling screws for plastics, bolts, rivets, weld nuts, and washers. Their products are mainly sold to Germany and the United States, and the sales to UK, Japan, France, India, Italy and South Africa are gradually increasing. As trade shows around the world are becoming more and more popular, they expect to meet and collaborate with customers in the automotive, construction, electronics, furniture, and solar industries by attending the shows, and increase their overseas exposure. Currently they are particularly looking for global potential clients with C-Parts needs.
Catering to EV Demand for "Cleanliness"
     The quality requirements for fastening products in the EU are not only strict but also constantly updated. In recent years, the European VDA standard has been updated to require the cleanliness of fasteners and other parts. This is due to the fact that high-end precision products such as electric vehicles are not tolerant to dust or contaminants such as mixed materials causing operational failure.
     Spring Lake has been working in the field of automotive fasteners for nearly 20 years and is ISO 9001 certified. In response to the new demand trend in Europe, they quickly started to conduct research on cleanliness requirements and can provide fastener products with the cleanliness level for European customers.
Developing a New Market: Bike Fasteners
     The company said that, even if situations are not yet clear after the pandemic, they found that the number of orders for bike-related fasteners has increased significantly. In light of this, they have purchased new machines to meet the demand of global customers in this area. They will continue to further develop the bike fastener market in the future.
     Regardless of drastic changes in the past two years, they are always aware of the global political and economic changes and are always prepared for them. In the European market, they will continue to break new ground with consistent quality products, speedy delivery and, most importantly, the ability to respond to the changing customer needs.
Contact: Daniel Chen     
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