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Taiwan CSC Reduces Q4 Domestic Steel Products Prices
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     According to the latest press release of Taiwan’s China Steel Corporation (“Taiwan CSC”) published on September 15, “Considering the stagnant demand for our downstream users’ products and the longer time for them to consume their inventory and in order to deal with the competition from imported low-price steel products and maintain a healthy industrial environment for downstream steel-demanding users, we  have announced the latest price adjustments for the 4th quarter this year and reduced the prices of our steel products by NT$ 1,000-2,000 per ton.”
     The base price adjustment of all products is down 2.64% on average. Among the products, low carbon/medium-to-high carbon, cold forged, and low alloy wire rod, which the fastener industry is concerned about the most, is down NT$ 2,000 per ton; automotive material is down NT$ 1,000 per ton; the other steel products for industrial use (including steel plates and steel rolls) are also down NT$ 2,000 per ton.
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