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Aster Chipboard Screw, Aster Outdoor Screw, Aster Decking screw Bugle/ Trim head, Composite Deck Screw with Aster thread, Aster Concrete Buster, Face Frame Screw with Aster thread, Aster Structural screw U.S.A #US 6.450.748.B1 Germany #200 14 147.3 China #ZL 00 2 68388.1 Taiwan #00551440/ #152249 ☆Special coating for 100-1500 hours salt spray test for ACQ treated ☆C3 & C4 for 1500-2000 hours slat spray test with Kesternich 15-20 cycles  ◆Generalization: Aster Screw can be used in a variety of material, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, cooper, aluminum, and in different sizes as well as to different specifications. The pentagonal thread of Aster Screw is a remarkable design which can be applied in chipboard screws, wood screws, particleboard screws, decking screws, floor screws, and concrete screws. Meanwhile, these applications appear to have a little impact on their functions. ◆Function: The most attractive feature of Aster Screw is its edge, as sharp as a knife, which may drill into any materials and provide stable torsion and higher drilling speed. 1. Drive-in Torque – Torsion of Aster screw for wood is lower 25% than that of general screws. It’s also less than Type 17 cutting. 2. Tensile Strength – Tensile strength may influence safety of the overall structure of operated materials. For example: plywood. When general threaded screws for cutting (e.g. Type 17) drill into plywood, they can’t flush out wood sawdust because of large cutting edges. As a result, the inner structure of the wood is damaged and unable to maintain previous tensile strength. The cutting edges of the Aster Screw are on the threads. It’s able to cut continuously thread wood fiber. Meanwhile, the shaped threads after drilling will not destroy the structure of the wood itself. The Aster Screw performs far better than other screws in terms of tensile strength. 3. Drilling speed – Since Aster Screw for wood features low torsion, so it can drill faster than traditional screws. Aster Concrete Buster is much better. General concrete screws use V typed cutting edges between every high and low thread. However, the V typed cutting edges has limited functions because they can’t afford drilling depth by speeding. Such drilling generates concrete particles and increases friction. Drilling jams often occur as a result. Aster Screw easily drills into materials and maximizes loading forces. ◆Substitutability: Aster Screw for wood has special revolving cutting edges which effectively cut thread wood fiber and prevent it from splitting. Therefore, for those industries which require high safety and tasteful appearance, such as the construction and furniture. Aster Screw is the best choice. 
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