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Industry Activities 

Sheh Fung Screws 2021 Q4 Revenue at NTD 754 Million, Highest Quarterly and Full Year Record
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     Sheh Fung announced its December 2021 consolidated revenue at NTD 255 million, up 4.83% monthly and setting a record high. Its Q4 consolidated revenue was NTD 745 million, up 7.53%. The 12-month consolidated revenue for 2021 was 2.859 billion, up 26.89%. 
     According to Sheh Fung, clients in DIY renovation and construction industries have increasing demand for fasteners and container shortage is gradually alleviating. The full-year sales in the Americas, Europe  and Australia grew 25.63%, 73.6% and 6.82% respectively, which further boost the company's Q4 and full-year revenue to set a new record.
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