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The 9-th International specialized exhibition Fasttec–2011 is a unique and must-attend show for all manufactures, distributors and contractors who deal with the fastener industry in Russia.

The International specialized exhibition FASTTEC is a constituent part of the program of development of hardware industry in Russia. This unique exhibition project has already become an expected event in domestic industry. It gives the participants an opportunity to announce their companies: to present their products and enlarge customer database. Fasteners are used practically in all industries and today they are extremely important on the Russian market.

Fasttec is the only specialized exhibition of fastener industry in Russia; it has become a traditional place for demonstrating achievements and sharing experience for many representatives of hardware industry from Russia and abroad.

The participants of Fasttec–2009 were 126 exhibitors from 6 countries.

Also we are glad to inform you that this year the 9-th International specialized exhibition FASTTEC will be located in a brand-new pavilion 4.1, which was constructed  using modern building materials in accordance with the highest international architectural standards.


1.for general use in all branches of mechanical engineering (bolts, screws, screw-nuts, washers, locking rings, studs, pins, split pins, rivets, cramps, clamps, etc.);
2.for motor-car, aerospace industry (special types of fasteners);
3.for construction (anchors, dowels, etc.);
4.for woodworking, furniture manufacturing (wood screws, cramps, nails, accessories, etc.);
5.for packaging industry (metal and polymeric tape, etc.): glues, sealants, adhesive tapes and films, mixtures for fasteners fixing;
6.for freight fixing (binding wires, etc.).

B.Fasteners in chemical industry: glues, sealants, adhesive tapes and films, mixtures for fasteners’ fixing.

C.Innovative fasteners.

D.Tools for work with fasteners: hand, mechanized (power, pneumatic, hydraulic, with power charge drive), dynamometric tools (hand and mechanized).

E.Items for repair of screw joints (mechanical and chemical).

F.Equipment, consumables for welding and soldering.

G.Materials for fasteners’ manufacturing.

H.Equipment for manufacturing of different types of fasteners.

I.Equipment for testing and control of fasteners’ quality.

J.Standardization and certification of fasteners.

K.Exhibit space cost for the exhibition period .

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