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AUTOMOTIVE HUNGARY Date2024-05-07~2024-05-10

AUTOMOTIVE HUNGARY, MACH-TECH and INDUSTY DAYS trade exhibitions hosted simultaneously at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center (Hungary, Europe)!
Don't miss this unique event!
     The AUTOMOTIVE HUNGARY International Trade Exhibition for Automotive Industry Suppliers, the MACH-TECH International Trade Exhibition for Machine Manufacturing and Welding Technology and the INDUSTRY DAYS International Industrial Trade Exhibition will take place on 7-10 May 2024 at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center.
     More than a decade ago, we created the AUTOMOTIVE HUNGARY exhibition as a meeting forum for the stakeholders of the Hungarian and regional automotive industry: car manufacturers, suppliers as well as small and medium enterprises.
     The event is dedicated to showcasing the latest technologies and trends, this is in the focus of the exhibition and the related conferences.
     AUTOMOTIVE HUNGARY is for bringing together in every May domestic and international suppliers and service providers of the automotive industry at all levels. Our goal is to help Hungarian suppliers and service providers involved in all levels of the automotive industry. AUTOMOTIVE HUNGARY strives to renew itself year after year in order to effectively serve the development of the actors of the Hungarian automotive industry, including the promotion of various vehicle drive alternatives.
INDUSTRY DAYS International Industrial Trade Exhibition
MACH-TECH International Trade Exhibition for Machine Manufacturing and Welding technology
     In the current competitive situation, it is extremely important to take advantage of the synergy between the industries and to exploit the cooperation between market participants.
     The 3 exhibitions offer a unique opportunity for this at the same time, in one place. 
Hungary's largest business gathering showcasing all the sectors of the industry serves as a professional forum for the owners of small and mid-size enterprises as well as those of major corporations, where they can find out more about the developmental tendencies and the latest achievements of the various sectors and the trends that define the industry in question.
     The exhibitors, suppliers and professional visitors attending the event, including procurement officials, engineers and developers can benefit from the synergy between industries to maintain and reinforce their position in the manufacturing or supply chains or possibly enter the market as new operators.
Manufacturers, distributors and service providers present their products and offers, which can be surveyed by visitors at the same time and place while requesting detailed information or possibly inspecting products in use, allowing them to make informed decisions on the latest procurements, make new investments, establish new business relationships or reinforce existing partnerships. 
     For the video of the previous event, click here!
2024’s event provides the exhibitors:
  • 3 prestigious domestic and regional industrial and automotive trade fairs, in one place at the same time
  • Approximately 500 exhibitors and 15,000-18,000 professional visitors from the CEE region, interested in the market offer, participants, opportunities offered by emerging sectors and the latest trends and innovations
  • Personalized services, to help make your participation more effective
  • Three exhibitions that are characterized by a wide range of professional and state support and rich professional programme
  • High-quality presentations, conferences and business forums that await industry representatives and decision-makers
  • National and cross-border media campaign, DM campaign and mobilization of membership of regional professional organizations in the automotive industry
  • The possibility to build relationships with existing customers and gain new ones
The organisers will be hosting a number of attractions and events in cooperation with their professional partners:
  • Chamber of Engineers conference and professional advance training
  • Welding technology advance training, practical demonstrations
  • Top-quality trade presentations and workshops by exhibitors
  • Labour safety conference and fashion show
  • Plastic industry conference
  • Packaging conference
  • Battery and hydrogen power-related lectures, demonstrations 
  • Techtogether Automotive Hungary engineer competition
  • Universities’ Street
Fastener World's booth no. is to be determined.

Fastener World's booth no. is to be determined.
Fastener World's booth no. is to be determined.
Fastener World's booth no. is to be determined.