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ZXY Technology Ltd.

О компании

ZXY Technology Ltd.(ZXY-Tech) is located in south of Taiwan (Gangshan Dist.,Kaohsiung City).Founded in 2008, ZXY-Tech is the direct manufacturer for optical inspection sorting machine with sorting equipment' design and production. Machine vision inspection best advantage is that the machine can provide 24 hours of non-stop operation、 effectively improve the inspection rate 、reduce the incidence of human error、improve the product yield with productivity and more for saving BIG money on labor cost....

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High speed button sorting machine

Wire seal surface defect inspection sorting machine

Battery Rubber cap optical inspection sorting machine

ZXY SCI-1500 Steel Belt Screw High Speed Sorting Machine

Roller 360° surface defect inspection sorting machine

Eddy Current Sorting Machine
Optical Measurement Instrument
Optical Sorting Machine
Spec Inspection
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Установка для установка для сортировки методом вихревых токов

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Оптическая установка для сортировки

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SCI Steel Belt Series-Screw Sorting Machine
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SCI Steel Belt Series-Screw Sorting Machine
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