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JYH SHINN PLASTIC (TIE PRO-Taiwan) has been found since 1976 and specialized in production of Nylon Cable Tie and the plastic injection OEM parts in Taiwan. We have professional technology in Plastic Injection Model developing & modeling experiences to meet the demand of the special requirement of customer’s.
Since the establishment, we continue to supply our customers with high quality, punctual delivery and customer satisfaction. As we devote to upgrade our product’s quality, we adopt automatic equipment for production line and shorten the time of delivery. In 1993, all of our production lines have been approved by UL certificate. In 2005, our products complied with the European Union’s RoHS standards and are tested and certified for compliance by SGS Taiwan Co., Ltd. By doing this, we affirm our top quality to return to our clients.
At present, the sales area our product is spreading all over the world, including America, Mexico, Germany, France, Australia, India,... etc. Oversea branch are under programming and development to strive for the near future. Future, we will continue to develop new products and offer swift and best service to customer and gain the best satisfaction from being our customer.



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