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Buyer Inquiry

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Self drilling screw inquiry

Time:2020-11-23 13:27:34 Visitors:1643
Product Description: Hello, ladies and gentlemens!

May I ask you to send quote for stainless steel self-drilling screws as per attached photo:
1) Wood-wood connection screw, self tipping, countersunk head AISI430
Thread Ø3.5mm full length 25mm, dK 7mm, full thread, pitch 2mm, weight 1.01g.
2) Wood-metal connection screw, self drilling, countersunk head AISI430
Thread Ø3.5mm full length – 25mm, drill length 4mm(Ø from 3 to1,5mm), dK 7mm, full thread, pitch 1,5mm weight 1.25g
3) For parquet – self drilling , countersunk head zinc-plated
Ø3.5mm full length 44mm, drill length 2mm(Ø from 1 to 2,2mm) thread length 24 mm, rod length 13mm rod Ø2,5 mm, dK 6mm, pitch 2mm weight 1.82 g, zinc plated
4) For terrace AISI 304/ AISI 316
Ø5mm full length 81mm, cutter length 1.2 mm from tip, 1st thread length 35 mm from tip, rod length 33mm rod Ø5 mm, 2nd thread length 12 mm from head, and I need reverse-oriented thread here, dK 8mm, pitch 3mm weight 7.4g
In case, if you can produce wood and, especialy, terrace screw with triangular thread, it will be great!.
Time:2020-11-23 13:27:34 Visitors:1643
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